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Catherine totally "got" the aesthetic I was going for. I still look like me, just the fresh and brighter face I remember myself having a few years ago.
– RealSelf Member 30somethingyrold

Excellent experience as always… Catherine is excellent at what she does
– RealSelf Member oliverjack22

Catherine is exactly the type of practitioner one would want. She is interested in the big picture but wants you to look your best, and for me, that is natural (and youthful of course!), on a daily basis. Always professional, knowledgeable, and equipped with humor and a smile! 
– RealSelf Member KAS930

Catherine is more knowledgeable than any dermatologist. She is mindful of concerns regarding aging and other practical issues. I would and have recommended her to all my friends and family. 
– RealSelf Member Greenwich32

Catherine is the Best! I have been going to Catherine for years for Botox, IPL, and Fraxel. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all the various treatments and takes time to explain them and figuring out which one is best for me. She is so friendly that it feels like you are seeing a friend, not a patient visit.
– RealSelf Member greenwich1

Feeling Beautiful! Very welcoming and knowledgeable. Catherine is very nice and gentle. Like the personally designed plan that fits my needs. EXCELLENT results!
– RealSelf Member ckaminski

I would like to say how amazing Catherine has been. I have been to numerous locations for various spa treatments and this has been the only location where I was made to feel comfortable, the treatment was painless, and I felt right at home. I appreciate Catherine and her great bedside manner and not feeling anything she was doing as she was doing it.
– RealSelf Member rpatellaw

Catherine has been doing my Botox for over five years. I am always extremely happy with the result. I also really appreciate the two weeks follow-up visit just in case I need a touch-up. She is also a very nice person and I enjoy seeing her.
– RealSelf Member bondgirl227

Catherine is Amazing! I have been seeing Catherine for a few years for Botox and have always been pleased with the results! She is very attentive and ensures you get the results you are looking to achieve. I would trust Catherine to give you the guidance and suggest the right treatment to achieve the look you are looking for.
– RealSelf Member jcem2929

Catherine and the whole team make you feel extremely welcomed and relaxed. I was a bit nervous going in to get my lips done as I didn’t want to end up with the dreaded duck lips look. She instantly put me at ease and looked at my face as a whole to see how much filler would be aesthetically pleasing. And she was completely right. The end result was me but better no one could even tell I had anything done besides me and I didn’t look fake. If you want any fillers done don’t hesitate to book her!!
– RealSelf Member spree43

I have been seeing Catherine for aesthetics for one year now. Not only am I happy with the quality of the services provided, but also with her help prioritizing treatment decisions when the budget is tight.
– RealSelf Member Michele Greenwich

Catherine is the BEST Absolutely amazing. I’ve been seeing Catherine for about two years now. She has done fillers, Botox, the Eraser, and laser hair removal for me. She is extremely professional and has thoroughly explained every single treatment and process from start to finish. I will always choose to come to see her for all of my skincare needs.
– RealSelf Member ddresk

I have been seeing Catherine for over a decade for various treatments including Mico needling, Ulthera, Botox, Coolsculpt, and most recently Vivace. She is best in class with deep product knowledge and an excellent bedside manner. She is very current on the new technologies out there and does an excellent job pairing the right service for each individual. She takes a very natural approach to anti-aging where you look great but people can’t figure out exactly why. She is the best and I won’t see anyone else.
– RealSelf Member meldumiati

Excellent - I have the highest opinion of Catherine’s professional skills I have the highest opinion of Catherine’s professional skills, her judgment, and her commitment to the client. She has a very good eye and a lot of common sense, and those attributes have combined each time to give great results.
– RealSelf Member AbbieFloe

Very Helpful and Professional Catherine suggested the Fraxel laser for my pigmented skin. I was apprehensive but she reassured me it was what my skin needed. It made my skin look amazing. Thank you Catherine for your professional knowledge and TLC you give to your clients' skin. My face loves you.
– RealSelf Member GP1313

Catherine is amazing. I totally trust her she keeps me looking young but very natural. 
– RealSelf Member pattyb54

Catherine Does An Amazing Job! I have been coming to (see Catherine) for about six+ years and Catherine has been my gifted ‘facial artist’ from the very beginning. I started with Botox and over time Catherine helped me understand and appreciate the value of fillers to reduce the signs of aging in my face while preserving my ‘self’ in my appearance and not make me look different (except younger) or puffy or artificial. When I look at some of my pictures from over six years ago I feel I look younger and more ‘vibrant’ now. Catherine is very experienced, always knows of advancements in her field and, importantly, she knows ME and what the right amount of fillers is that works best for my face. I have never not been 100% happy with the results.
– RealSelf Member bstych

Amazing - Wouldn’t Trust Anyone else. Catherine is extremely professional and always does an amazing job with my Botox for my forehead. She’s honest and keeps it natural. I exclusively come to Catherine because I know I can trust her expertise.
– RealSelf Member mginter

Catherine Made Me Look BEAUTIFUL!!! I consult with Catherine and she knows exactly what she's doing. I went to her because I was looking tired (I was tired). I had a budget. She recommended filler in my cheekbones and around my mouth. I look so much more alive and young!!! No bruising. Catherine is smart, talented, and kind. I recommend her to anyone who wants it done right the first time!
– RealSelf Member NoreenEhrlich

Lip Fillers. Catherine was my NP and did a wonderful job listening to my needs and wants and helped me pick out the formula that would work best for me. The injections themselves took only about 10 minutes and I'm so happy with the final product. 
– RealSelf Member Tennis11

Amazing Results! Excellent service and results to lift my heavy eyelids with Ultherpy. I could not be more pleased with the outcome and Catherine was terrific with the procedure. In addition, I also received Juvaderm and love those results. I feel like look 10 years younger and have a more rested, youthful appearance. I definitely plan to go back to see Catherine.
– RealSelf Member jethroop

Catherine Curtin perfectly corrected a botched Tyndall effect Restylane treatment by a Florida doctor in an hour with hyalonderase. Her skill, professionalism, and competence are better than many doctors.
– RealSelf Member kara.hewett

Catherine really takes the time to get to know me and truly listens to what my concerns are (if any) and understands the results I'm looking for in any aesthetic procedure. I trust her and I am always happy with the results!
– RealSelf Member RSMember6454186

Catherine Curtin is Top Rate! After treatments with Catherine I felt and looked amazing. No bruising and for me this is a fantastic result along with a fresh-looking face what more could a girl want.
– RealSelf Member Floral Designer

Catherine Curtin; so fortunate to be a patient of yours! Every experience is excellent, you are very skilled and expert in the procedures you perform. You bring out the inner beauty... The results of the treatment(s) always exceeded my expectations. Again, thank you!
– RealSelf Member Lovallo

I've been seeing Catherine for my botox for a couple of years now and it's always been exactly what I want. She is professional, a good listener, and incredibly skilled at what she does - and she always makes you feel at ease. I plan on seeing her for other treatments as well!
– RealSelf Member salbear66

Catherine is amazing!!. She is the person you want to go to. She is a straight shooter and she will tell you what she thinks and will not up-sell you at all. Her direct approach makes me trust her. Not only is her advice spot on what she thinks would be good to do is it is her skill and eye. I trust very few people when it comes to my face and Catherine I would recommend hands down. She never overdoes anything and makes you look like yourself but a little fresher and younger which who would not want that. She is not only a wonderful person but extremely talented in her field. The best love her!
– RealSelf Member lizascullin

I've been trusting Catherine with my face for a number of years now (botox, fillers, ultherapy, eraser treatments) and I can't say enough good things about her! She's personable, patient, knowledgeable, and highly skilled at what she does. I especially appreciate that she always focuses on how to achieve the most beneficial and natural results while staying within my budget. Treat yourself - you won't be disappointed!
– RealSelf Member olderandsmarter

Highly Recommend Catherine! She spent a lot of time listening to my concerns. Catherine explained my options and was honest about what I needed to look my best. I had my forehead, crow's feet, and frown lines injected and the results are so great and look very natural. I am super happy with the outcome and would highly recommend Catherine!
– RealSelf Member dml1013

Catherine is The Skincare guru when it comes to looking your absolute best, but doing so naturally and conservatively! Her professional, yet warm demeanor make it easy and enjoyable to work with her, ask questions, feel at ease, and get fantastic results!
– RealSelf Member michellesentibel

Fantastic experience with Catherine! She is extremely knowledgeable And helps her clients to find the right solution for their personal needs. The customized care is exactly what I was looking for from an experienced professional I could trust! Can’t say enough about Catherine and I would definitely visit again! 
– RealSelf Member Tamtam25

Catherine Curtin is a rare gem. Not only is she a skilled and well trained Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner who stays current on medical procedures and practices, but she has an incredible eye. The combination is essential when it comes to beauty and allowing someone to advise and carry out procedures on your face and body. I met Catherine through a friend who looked stunning, and when I asked if she had been on vacation, she whispered that her rested look was the result of Catherine. What I loved most about that revelation was that the result of Catherine's work was so subtle. Since then, and it has been years, I have developed a deep trust and confidence in Catherine's skills, insights, knowledge and ability. Whatever the procedure, there is simply nobody better. Catherine appreciates the canvas I bring to her and she helps me look like my best self, not artificial and not like someone else. There is nothing unnatural about her work. Catherine is flawless. Every time I see a person looking beautiful, I am tempted to ask them if they know Catherine. I have a deep suspicion that she is behind every one of them. Catherine is the best-kept secret in town.
– RealSelf Member kmmd


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